Boiler Grant Qualification

How to get free central heating

The government is providing complete central heating assistance to households across the United Kingdom. If you get a qualifying pension and your boiler is 10 years or older, you may be eligible for grant financing towards a completely new A-rated boiler as part of the UK government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO).

Free Central Heating System and Radiators Installation Grants

ECO plan now covers first-time central heating systems. The central heating grant allows you to purchase and install a variety of leading boiler and radiator manufacturers in your home.

Free boiler grants are provided by UK energy suppliers and do not require repayment. FTCH for grants is presently being focused on more functional, cost-effective, and healthier homes.

Some homes lack central heating systems that include a boiler and heaters. If you are a resident or a tenant who does not have a central heating system, you could now be eligible for 100% sponsorship for an FTCH installation.

We provide a variety of services at Energy Haven, including a Free Boiler Scheme, a Free Central Heating Grant, Insulation Grants, and new gas connection services, among others. To see if you qualify, simply complete our fast application form here.

Fitting of free new central heating system

Fossil Fuel Free Central Heating

To achieve our Net Zero aim, we must stop using fossil fuels as a source of energy. That includes considering heat pumps as a substitute for gas boilers and central heating systems.

The governments’ ECO scheme will encourage households to install low-carbon heating systems, which are powered by electricity and absorb energy from the air or ground.

Free Central Heating On Benefits

The grant includes the entire (or a portion of) the cost of installing a new, better efficient method and does not require repayment.

Energy suppliers pay for the grant. Although you might just have to cover part of the installation costs, depending on the model and your personal factors, you should be eligible for significantly subsidised government financing to upgrade your flat’s heating system.

You should experience significant savings on your energy expenses after your new heating is installed. Your home will be better and more efficient with reduced carbon emissions and save money on gas and energy expenses.

Where Can I Get A Grant?

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There are grants available in England, Scotland, and Wales. They are accessible in all places if you receive state benefits. You must apply for a grant through an installer who is licensed with your municipality if you are applying through your regional authority’s flexible energy regulations.

How Do You Qualify For Free Central Heating

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Have you been considering installing a smart central heating system in your home? If that’s the case, you’re not alone. Installers UK is attracting an increasing number of property owners who want to make use of its services.

You might be anxious, though, about the price of such a project. This is why checking to see if you are eligible for government-backed central heating grants is highly advisable.

Criteria For Free Central Heating

1. You must be the owner of a home or a tenant in a privately rented residence.

Household members who pay rent from a county municipality or a private landlord and those who live in shared ownership properties are not eligible for the first central heating payments initiative.

3. There is no existing central heating system.

4. Before applying for a grant, private renters must obtain authorisation from their landlord. Tenants who already own 50% or above of the residence and share ownership with a housing organisation may also be eligible.

5. You must be eligible for, at most, one of several qualifying benefits or meet the ECO Flex Criteria. Unless you meet the criteria under the ECO Flex Rules, you or anyone living permanently with you must get at least the following State Benefits – Tax Credits or Other Perks to be eligible for The First Time Central Heating Grants.

6. Make sure your home is properly insulated.

To be eligible for First Time Central Heating Grants, your household must have enough wall insulation and also cavity wall insulation if one has cavity walls.

If neither of these has been implemented at the time of your registration, the operator of your new central heating system may be able to help you out.

Free Central Heating Installation

One of our highly skilled surveyors can come to your house at a time and date that is convenient for you. Our staff will be able to offer energy-saving solutions and determine whether you and your property are eligible for UK government-funded incentives during this free survey.

Our expert will then examine your current heating system and conduct a heat loss survey on the premises. You could be eligible for not only free central heating, but also other subsidies to improve the living environment for you, your tenants, or your family while also saving money on your present heating bills. All while assisting the UK government in reducing carbon emissions in order to aid global warming.


Energy Haven takes care of the entire procedure for you, from start to end, setup to aftercare, to verify that your central heating system is functioning properly.

If you’re considering installing a central heating system, give one of our professionals a call to see how we can assist you. What might be in store for you will surprise you!